Welcome to my website.
My name is Amy Nicholls.  In 2006, I completed a degree in Poplular Music Performance and since then I’ve been knocking around the London music scene.
I sing all sorts;  Rock, Pop, Triphop, Funk and Soul.

I have: co- written and performed as the lead singer in the band Ladybear, been a session singer for many great artists and had loads of fun singing with the function band Grooveline.  Last year: I composed my first commissioned piece for a unique video project, finished the script for a musical I’ve written, and also put out a charity Christmas song.

What do I sound like?  Recently I had a vocal described as ‘ethereal’ which was nice, and a teacher (Kim Chandler) once told told me I reminded her of Janis Joplin, which was high praise indeed. I think I sound more like Blondie vs First Aid Kit.

My influences?  Well that is a story in itself.
Music has been a part of my life for as long as I have been alive.  My earliest memories are listening to my dad, Billy Nicholls writing songs, whilst I played in my bedroom in our flat in East Twickenham.  The flat was previously owned by Ronnie lane and thick with the air of creativity.  I’m sure it had some serious party vibes too.  I remember the overwhelming sense of emotion on hearing my dad craft melodies.  Now, when I hear those songs again, I get transported back to that flat and tiny girl.  It’s no wonder why I ended up trying to emulate that feeling in others.

My mum, Annie Nicholls, is the business, Art and Fashion mentor.  Not that I ever had a real talent there.  It was my brother Will , that inherited the visual gene.  I only wish I had a snippet of that talent too.  He is my ‘go to’ Video Director, and don’t tell him. He’s pretty damn good.  He can write a tune too which is annoying.

My other brother Morgan was the first to catch the music bug .  He is my ‘go to’ Producer.  He has played and travelled the world in numerous bands; Muse, The Streets  and even The Who. His first band were The Senseless Things would have been the first band I ever saw live.  However, I had been lucky enough to see The Who earlier that year.
Dad was working as Musical Director for them on their 1989 tour.  On stage,  he sang backing vocals with Cleveland Watkins and Chyna White. These three vocalists together, were one of the greatest blends I have ever heard. I was transfixed. My mind was made up. I wanted to do that. Mix that with the desperate urge to stage dive at my brothers gigs and you’ve got a teenage wasteland.

Truth be told I’m pretty much the piggy in the middle of a very talented bunch, which I why think it has taken so long for me to find my own feet.

Twickenham’s notorious for large musical shoes to fill.

I think it about time I did, don’t you?

Thanks for reading