It’s in my blood. My earliest memories are hearing my Dad (Billy Nicholls) write songs in our old flat in Twickenham.

It’s out of my control.  Sometimes I’ll be walking over Richmond bridge and a song just lands on me, other times it’s like therapy.  A song sometimes just has to come out or it eats away at me.

I’ve often toyed with the idea of becoming an actor.

Ella Fitzgerald or Kate Bush

My life, my huge network of musical friends and family who continue to play or introduce me to amazing old and new music.

My own family, The Who, The Small Faces, The Senseless Things. Sam Brown, Blondie, Turnin Brakes, Ween, Eurythmics, Pixies, Kate Bush and Steely Dan.

sing with my Dad – Billy Nicholls, whenever I can.  I’ve recorded tracks for Pete Townshend’s ‘The Iron Man’ and once shared a mic with Ronnie Wood which was a beautiful occasion.

I wrote a song when I was 7.  Dad figured out the chords on the guitar for me.  I knew at that point that I needed to play something to help me get the songs across.  We often laugh to this day, how even in that first song I dropped a bar to make it more interesting.

Yes with Ladybear ‘Catch 22’ and ‘Bear Essentials – Ten years of demos’

  • M-organ – Organised (2000 Source Records)
  • Billy Nicholls – Penumbra moon and Still Entwined (2001 Twickenham Tunes) also  – Big boss man – Winner  (2005 Blow Up Records)

First Aid Kit meets Carole King maybe?

Recently I’ve had a bit of a rough ride.  My life experience has put me into a new and very different framework.  I seem to be communicating vocally on a different level than before.  I have been working on my songwriting for a long time but now I have more confidence in my abilities and nothing seems to be holding me back.  One of my most recent songs has just been finished 15 years after I started it.  On the flip side ‘Stop where you are’, took less than a day and ‘All the way’ I wrote at work on my phone.

It’s a part of my soul.  It’s my expression of my life and loves.  I’m writing for myself now and I think that translates in my music better than ever before.

Yes, I wrote a bespoke piece for a promotional video for designer Emma Shipley.

Matt Whitehead, Black Tusk, Big Boss man, Lee Miller, and Cass Browne

Dingwalls and Brixton academy with M-Organ.  I love playing the Troubadour and Halfmoon too.

I love birds, computer games, food and dancing.

I have a charity Christmas song that I dig out every year for a DIY music video extravaganza called ‘Festive Kinda Mood’  

‘Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.’ – Martin Luther

Amy’s music is straight from the deepest parts of her heart.

If it’s going to make me cry, I will and with abandon.

Agnes Obel, Gillian Welsh, Unknown Mortal Orchestra.  Phoebe Bridgers, White Denim and Big Thief.