“Our global elders knew that singing was integral to being human. Scientific studies are now supporting this, finding evidence of the positive impact singing has on health and wellbeing.

My personal journey through a tough time, highlighted to me how vital I found singing to my own emotional and physical health. To bring this simple practice to others, has felt like a very natural progression.

I create space for people to come together and sing, without the need for performance or progress, although this often happens. In the sessions we use breathing techniques already common in other wellbeing areas. I pick uplifting songs that are accessible in range and easy to learn. Above all I hope people leave the sessions feeling like they have enjoyed using their voices and feel more confident”

These sessions are usually one-to-one and take place at Amy’s home in East Devon or online.


From Amy’s Students…

“Amy’s enthusiasm and style of teaching is infectious. Her methods are kind to your vocal cords, your sanity and got results faster than any other vocal coach I have had in the past. My weekly online Skype session with her is the highlight of my week!”


Amy is a perfect teacher! Incredibly knowledgeable and technically minded but also patient and fun. After only a couple of lessons, I already felt more confident, with better technique and able to sing more consistently for longer.”


“Amy is one of those rare people with a gift – not just in her own musical talents – but also to teach. Her enthusiasm and love for what she does is totally contagious and from the very first moment my nine year old daughter walked in to meet Amy (feeling naturally nervous at what to expect ), she was hooked. Amy’s teaching style is effervescent, I have watched my daughter just bubble as Amy shares with her and demonstrates a confidence that only the best teachers can bring out in a child.”


Knowledgeable, talented Amy has made a real difference to my singing. Sometimes it seems every lesson brings a new revelation – she has a way of getting to the root of any vocal issue and finding the right way out of it. Always supportive and understanding, but firm and clear in her judgements, she is a fine teacher, a gifted singer and a kind person.

Steve Rowse, Band - Plum Jam

My daughter has been having singing lessons with Amy for almost a year now, and it’s been wonderful. Her technique is developing fast, she’s being exposed to new music, but most importantly, she’s loving every single minute of it and can’t wait for Tuesdays. I’m hopeful that this is the start of a long life with music! Thank you Amy!

Oli Beddall, dad

Amy has given my daughter a great start in her musical life. Amy is a kind and enthusiastic teacher who both guides and listens. We are very happy with the lessons!

Geoff Clayton